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[IP] Does Giving Insulin solve it all? (POLL---please help!)

Hi all:  Hope I caught you with my heading.  I need some help from those who
know what I am talking about!

Some of you know that we are involved with a precedent setting court case with
the Canadian Government...(Revenue Canada Taxation.)  We have hired a lawyer
and at this point we are hoping to meet with their lawyers ahead of time and
settle out of court.  We are fighting the Disability Tax Credit here in
Canada, as it applies to children with diabetes.  Revenue Canada arbitrarily
decides who gets the credit and this is very upsetting and frustrating for
those who get turned down!  We are the only family in our area that got turned
down for this credit and being the fighter that I am, we are taking them to
court. If anyone needs more info just email me. (ALso, I do not want any
FLAMES about this, it is the only tax credit we are eligible for here in
Canada, I hate the name of it, but it is the only one that could help defray
the costs we have with this disease!)

I am writing to see if anyone can help me with something.  Our lawyer said
that they will ask us if our son (he is 5, dx @2) is fine once he gets his
insulin. At first I said yes, but then started thinking about it afterwards.
NO, our son is not fine if he just takes his insulin everyday.  We still need
to check often to be sure his pump is working, his dosage changes due to
growth spurts, exercise, insulin resistance in the morning, his blood needs to
be checked. etc etc. Even WITH insulin, he still goes LOW almost everyday due
to some variable or another.  Ours happens a lot with exercise. The pump is
another factor involved. Also, if giving insulin was the answer and all is
well, then why would we even need to check bg???

Now, WHat I need is some good things to write in this letter about how insulin
does not make my child fine.  This is the angle Revenue Canada will come from
and I need to stop them right there.  HELP???  I really need to hear from you
guys!  I want to get a real clear train of thought on this!

So:  Does giving insulin solve your/your child's diabetes?  Give the
insulin--then all is fine?


ps.  I need to hear from you as soon as possible!
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