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Re: [IP] D-tron question

> I have a question about the D-tron that's driving me crazy.  I just
> it on Friday, and the one thing I can't seem to figure out is how to
get a
> read on how much insulin is remaining in the cartridge.


This is my one last question also.  Now that I've found my manuals
(thanks Tim!) I have looked through the index looking for an answer to
this question and have come up empty.  I haven't gone back to the cd-rom
since finding the manual but will search through there also.  Faith, the
cd-rom probably isn't worth it for you since you have had the d-tron for
a while, but is good when learning the ropes, for instance it gives you a
task like "set the time" or "set a basal profile" and you have to push
the buttons to do it correctly.

I switched over to the d-tron this weekend.  Filling the cartridges
wasn't as bad as I anticipated, but I had many more bubbles than I got
with the h-tron plastic cartridges, which I had become very proficient
at.  I ask again if anyone has any d-tron glass cartridge filling tips,
or just tell me that you you are able to get all the bubbles out and I'll
keep trying.  Or does everyone get the prefilled ones?

I really like the 0.1 increments on the scroll bolus as well as the 0.5
standard bolus.  Best of both worlds.  Am I also correct in thinking the
vibrating can't be turned off?  Does it and the always on LCD screen
cause quicker battery drain?

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