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Re: [IP] High basal rates

In a message dated 5/13/01 9:41:27 AM !!!First Boot!!!, email @ redacted writes:

<< Does anyone on the list have a basal rate >30 units per day?
 My basal rate is 47 u/day.  Although the fasting tests show that this rate
 keeps my bgs pretty close to 100-120, my Endo noted that this rate is
 nearly twice as high as any of his other pump patients.  We think this is
 due to very high insulin resistance combined with T1 because I rarely go
 hypo, have a 1:10 Insulin:Carb ratio, and have a low A1c.
 If you have a high basal rate, Id appreciate your rationale for the reason. 
My 14 year old has a high basal rate also (42 u./day)
His carb ratio for all meals is 1:10 just like you.  According to his weight, 
he should be on 1 unit/hour for a basal rate but his min. basal rate is 1.6 
and his max. is 1.8.  Whatever works is what we were told.  He uses 60-70 
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