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[IP] Reply to Jessicas Mom and Lows and the other people

Hi, dear Jessicas mom, may god bless you, i really feel for you and your 
child. those low nph and reg. are the worst ever. I hope your daugher is 
taking ultra and humalog by now, so you may rest. If she can be in on the 
pump that will help too.
I am like many others who replied, i am afraid of lows as well and will 
always be afraid ot them especially night time ones and when your alone and 
hope you can get up and get yourself something fast, your mind and body are 
like two different people and its so scary. i have been a diabetic for 32 
years,  i have been on the pump and feel like i am out of control, on shots i 
was a 6.3, now my sugars are up and down way to much. i hope my cde knows 
what she is doing, but i am worse now then ever. i will be on the pump 3 
months end of june, not sure if i will stay on the pump, maybe its not for 
me?? does any one else feel this way or have you before?
I seem to run high after a change out or i have a occlusion. thanks Eileen
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