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Re: [IP] Stress Management-Help

Dawn:  i know how you feel I think we all do.  I broke up with my boyfriend 
of 10 yrs, lost my house, and job of 5 yrs from being sick, my mom had a 
stroke and then to top it all off, i lost my hair not just a little most of 
my hair.  Boy what a year it's been.  I was letting it all get to me and was 
really starting to get sick all the time, my aic's were higher then ever and 
it was starting to show.  Then one day, I woke up and realized I was just 
hurting myself and wasn't helping anyone out either.  I now just take one day 
at a time, live to my fullest and most importantly I am in control of my life 
and my diabetes not anyone else.  Stress is a n ormal occurance in everyone's 
life, some just know how to handle it better then others.  I am one of the 
others.  I dont handle it good at all, i let everything get to me and way too 
much at that.  My doc told me to take up a relaxing hobby (sounds like 
something my parents would say) and then i did.  I took up fishing.  I never 
thought i would say it but they were all right.  now when i get stressed or 
feel myself losing it, i grab my fishing pole and head outside, we live off a 
lake, and I hit the fish.  I test prior to going (when i am stressed out) and 
its always high, then when i get back i test and it always goes down to 
normal.  So maybe try something like that.  The next few months are going to 
be very difficult on you and your family, but you will serve your dad and mom 
and yourself much more positively if your healthy and holding the family 
together.  Your dad would want it that way.  I will say a prayer for you and 
your dad.  write any time if you need to, your new friend   
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