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[IP] nitrous oxide and root canal treatment

<< unless you count the root
 canal work the keep advising and I keep ignoring >>
I always feel way better after a root canal. It can get really infected and 
you can lose bone as well as tissue if you don't get it done. Does your 
hurt? Have you tried hypnosis to calm your feelings about dental work?

good luck, melanie
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Root canal treatment is usually not that painful when simple local 
anesthesia such as procaine or novocaine is used. Often the local 
anesthetics contain epinephrine to prevent the anesthesia from wearing off 
too quickly. this can make bg go way up and make you feel awful but if you 
ask your dentist to use anesthetics without epinephrine this might be 
avoided. on the other hand, an infection in your jaws can make bgs go up 
because they are a source of infection, they can lead to infections 
elsewhere in your body too. please consider some mild benzo drugs like 
valium or tranxene to get you over the phobia. Ativan also works well but 
you'll need to have someone drive you to and from the appt.

spot, t1 40 years
A.L. Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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