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Re: [IP] High basal rates

Tom Wellman wrote:
> My basal rate is 47 u/day.  Although the fasting tests show that this rate
> keeps my bgs pretty close to 100-120, my Endo noted that this rate is
> nearly twice as high as any of his other pump patients.  We think this is
> due to very high insulin resistance combined with T1 because I rarely go
> hypo, have a 1:10 Insulin:Carb ratio, and have a low A1c.
> If you have a high basal rate, Id appreciate your rationale for the reason.

I think you've already given the perfect rationale. Your BGs are good,
your A1c is good, you have few hypos, and that's EXACTLY what you want!

If you have Type 2-style insulin resistance (and I don't think yours is
HIGH!), then you were born with it, and that's just the way your
metabolism works. EVERYONE should eat healthy and exercise, not just
Type 2 diabetics. 

I remember a quote from a diabetes book somewhere: Q: How much water do
you use to put out a fire? A: Enough. Same goes for insulin. YMMV. Each
person is different and comparisons don't mean anything. 

Keep up the good work! 

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