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[IP] ?/s Insurance( Bruce)

>  it is next to impossible for us to get insurance.  That's the bottom 
> line.
> Not at all fair but true.
> I don't know where you live.  I live in Arkansas and here BCBS has a plan 
> for 
> people who are uninsurable.  It is called CHIPS - Comprehensive Health 
> Insurance Pool.
> They are ruled by the Arkansas Insurance Department who sets the rates.
> All the insurance companies in must pay a certain % or their costs to a 
> pool 
> for uninsurable like us.  Now here is the stickler.  I pay $568.00 Per 
> Month 
> for $1000 deductible, 80/20 after that of what they will allow.  They 
> determine that!!!  Of course!!!  NO prescription cards.
> I cannot afford to pay it really but with the complication of DM I've 
> experienced in the past 2 yrs............I can't be without it.
> Hope you will be able to find something better.........If you 
> do.......Please 
> let me know.
> For what it's worth
> Jackie P
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