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[IP] re: about Death From Low AND frustration about D.

Hi Kelly, boy can I relate...

you wrote: >>my sugars seem to be
very unpredictable....one day I'll bolus the right amounts and drop
low.  And
the next day I'll bolus accordingly, and end up being way high!  There
seems to be a pattern for me....gosh, it's frustrating!<<

I've had "brittle" diabetes for 39 yrs now and was doing the same roller
coaster ride. Pre pump, I would keep my bgs high to feel safe from the
dreaded and unexpected lows.
Started pumping 3 months ago, same hi/lo story (but a bit tighter
control with the pumps + humalog superior capabilities over multi
long-acting injections).
One thing that really bugged me in all my years of TRYING to get it
right.... was that no health care professional ever told me it wasn't my
fault! They always looked at me like I must be doing something wrong. I
realized just lately that I've been blaming myself for all my bg
failures.... even tho it wasn't my fault!

3 wks ago, I was diagnosed with Addisons Disease (auto immune
destruction of adrenal glands). I'm now taking steroids to replace the
missing adrenaline and MIRACULOUSLY... since starting those meds, my bgs
leveled out. Apparently the steroids balance the amount of sugars
released from the liver between meals. Now I have a level playing field
to work with and my carb ratios and basals actually work properly (about
70% of the time) and I'M THRILLED!!
Altho given the choice I'd take the roller coaster bgs back, instead of
needing the steroids --- they're sort of a mixed blessing!

I guess the long winded point I'm trying to make... is that our bodies
are sooooo complex that fixing one area doesn't preclude problems from
another. It's not easy being ones own Pancreas. So PLEASE remember to
give yourself a HUGE pat on the back for doing the best you can!!!

After the Addisons diagnosis, I realized "HEY, there's more to life than
just D and good bg numbers". Now I'm dividing my attention between the 2
diseases and it's not so bad.... cause D has to take it's proper place
now, in my day to day life and doesn't seem so ALL encompassing!
And surprisingly.... my outlook on disease management has become more
relaxed. I'm more interested in enjoying my life now, rather than trying
to control every minute aspect of it.

Sue :-)
from Ottawa
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