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In a message dated 5/12/01 1:47:13 AM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> From: "Bruce Laden" <email @ redacted>
> I have had a h-tron pump for a little over 2 yrs and had to send one in for
> 2 year technical inspection.After about a month of waiting I called and was
> told my pump failed the oclusion test.uh oh $375.00 up front or they will
> not reset the pump.I guess the pump that seemed fine ,was not?Just curious
> if any one has had similar experiences.
I am not any where near ready for a technical inspection BUT  I thought all 
the pumps had a 4 year warranty and that meant they fixed them when they 
didn't work!!!  
What is the warranty for if you have to pay after 2 years?
Have you called them to ask why you have to pay since your pump is still 
under warranty?
This just seems strange....
I'm hoping other D pumpers have had better experiences in this type of 

Faith and ??
type 1 diagnosed 9-81
started pumping 8-21-2000
assimilated by the d-tron 03-07-01
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