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On 12 May 2001, at 9:23, chris parsons wrote:

> If you used an Htron for 2 years and switched pumps every 3 months
> (removing batteries from backup) and ran into a problem with either
> pump, would not the warranty be more likely to still be in effect, i.e. less
> clock time on pump?
> Brian Carter wrote:
> > At 07:06 AM 5/12/01, you wrote:
> > >I was told that it is a good idea to switch H-tron pumps every 3 months
> > >(or similar time period) to stretch out warrantee. Does anyone know
> > >exactly how this works?
> > 
> > This would not work really..  the pump goes by a internal clock and the
> > clock runs as long as the batteries are in the pump so two years of
> > warranty is actually 2 years of pump run time.  That is why they say
> > remove the batteries for storage so it does not "add up" on time.

This is all a matter of semantics here.  If you alternate pumps you would 
extend the time you had before you needed an inspection.  It would not 
change the amount of time of warranty on an individual pump, but this is 
a good case for procrastination.  Put off any expense until absolutely 
necessary.    ;>)

My rep. told me to change every 6 months.  Six months, three months, 
any regular period would be as effective.  It doesn't change any total 
warranty period but does extend the time until the warranty ended on an 
individual pump.  This also helps to keep the program in each pump in 
coordination with the other and also will assure you that you do have 
your "fail-safe" backup.

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