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Re: [IP] Adults suddenly out of control . . .

chris parsons wrote:
> At any rate I think the reason
> that T1s run into control problems down the road is plain old wear and
> tear. Good balanced control slows it down but doesn't eliminate it.

Not only that, but your body's hormone balance continues to change
during all your adult life, and ALL those hormones have an effect on
insulin sensitivity. Plus, as you get older, and your immune system
weakens, you may have subclinical infections, which also do their number
on your diabetes. 

Let's face it, the human body was not DESIGNED to function all that well
without an endogenous supply of insulin -- and just 'cause we inject or
pump it DOESN'T mean we're getting it in a normal manner!

The only time I was ever wildly out of control was when the doc was
trying to treat me with orals -- but I DO notice that there are times
when my control is  better than other times! (And I ain't even a
full-fledged Type 1). 

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