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[IP] Stress Management-Help

Hi Everyone,
I am asking of help with stress mangement.  I know that there is no magic pill
that I can take to make it disappear but I know that you all have some good
I found out about three weeks ago that my Dad has stomach cancer and they are
giving him about two months to live.  He is in a nursing home right now and my
Mom says that she can see every day that he is getting worse.  I am going back
to Chicago on Monday to see him with my daughter so we can see him before he
gets worse and is on pain medicine.
I just went to see my endo yesterday and my A1C was 7.6 which I am upset over
because it hasn't been that high since I started the pump two years ago.  I
know it is an average of my bg's and I had a high episode in March because of
a steroid shot but still I did not think it would be that high.  He said it is
a combination of things, stress included.
Half of the time I do not feel stressed but I guess I am, I can tell by my
I just don't know how to handle this.  And I know that I have to be strong for
my family and things are just going to get worse not better so I need to find
a way to deal with the stress.
If anyone has ANY ideas I would love the suggestions.  Feel free to email me
if you want to.  I am trying so hard to stay in control of my diabetes because
I know that I need to be so I won't get sick too.
and Erin her pump buddy
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