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[IP] Sleeping on pumps....

Well, Angela, the good news is that sleeping on an insulin pump is far more 
comfortable today then it was 15 years ago when I began on my first pump.  
Back then the insertion sets were all standard subcutaneous needles---no soft 
sets or sils then.  Today, you'll find that you hardly notice your pump in 

<< I have been diabetic for 23 years.  Juvenile onset.  I am 31 years old and 
 am now taking classes to go on the insulin pump.  I have researched Animas 
 corporation and have decided to purchase that insulin pump.  I have 
 neuropothy in my legs and have a hard time controlling my blood sugars.  My 
 doctor says this is the best thing that I could do for my health.  I am 
 very excited and scared about going on the pump.  I am looking forward to 
 having better control and feeling better.  I am nervous about the comfort 
 of the pump and how I will feel sleeping with this on.  Help !!! >>
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