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Re: [IP] Adults suddenly out of control ...

In a message dated 5/11/01 5:58:25 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< So in my case age seemed to have made sugars more difficult to control. 
Pre and post pregnancy also changed my control. <snip>. Of course you guys 
don't have these kinds of fluctuations! >>

I have also found on the whole that age has made my diabetes more difficult 
to control -- luckily, techniques (specifically the advent of home blood 
glucose monitoring and pumping) have improved.  I have been diabetic since 
1955, at age 8.  I would say, on the whole, smaller changes in food intake, 
activity, hormones, etc., make for bigger effects. But one area in which it 
seems easier is that I no longer seem to have a rebound to hypoglycemia (this 
of course makes it much easier to pass out, but it is easier to figure out 
causes of hyperglycemia <gr.>).

But, my goodness, without my 10 or more tests a day and pumping, I don't see 
how I ever would have been able to get through menopause.  Talk about 
ridiculous swings!  I actually am keeping in pretty good control, but only by 
really obsessive attention to it -- I try to catch things early.  I have had 
high levels of insulin need that matched these with premenstrual hormones, 
illness and stress and such, but if I ever had insulin needs that match my 
current low basal rates, I certainly don't remember them.  Do any of you 
postmenopausal women find your insulin need has gone way down?  The current 
low rates still seem to be sort of cyclical.

Linda Z

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