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Re: [IP] D-Tron manual filling


You cannot fill "half cartridges" for the D-TRON.

If you look carefully at the empty cartridges supplied with the pump and / 
or filling kit, you'll notice the red rubber "plunger" is in the bottom end 
of the cartridge. This plunger does not move during the filling process. 
The filling process "exchanges" air in the cartridge for insulin - insulin 
is moved in, air is moved out.

If you try to fill the cartridge half way, you will end up with a half 
cartridge of air, and a half cartridge of insulin. Not a recipe for success ...

The cartridges are designed to hold 300 units of insulin when full - no 

Bob Burnett
Territory Manager, Disetronic Medical Systems

At 11:24 AM 5/11/2001 -0400, you wrote:
>With the H-Tron you can fill half cartridges.  Is there any reason we can 
>not half-fill the glass cartridges when we fill them manually?
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