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Re: [IP] ? about Death From Low

why are not on the pump? i do the same thing about forcing myself to off my 
duff when i am low.
> >
>      You know, usually I feel the same way about being too low to tell
>anyone. I just get up and force myself to take care of it. (If I'm really
>low, I end up overmedicating... I start eating everything in site!! Then of
>course my blood sugar goes into the 300s!! Even though I feel like passing
>out! Which of course I have and several times I've gone into convutions!
>That's not fun.
>      So you say that you 'sometimes hate this disease"? I'm not sure I'd
>agree about your leelings on that one. When do you actually not hate it??
>I've hated it for almost 20 years... geez, that's the longest grudge I've
>held in my life. :)
>       I don't think you're alone in this one. I'm sure there are a LOT of
>diabetics on this list or even off that are afraid of the lows and tend to
>keep their sugars a little high in fear of going low. I used to do that!! 
>not on the pump.) and HATE this disease (always).
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