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Re: [IP] reply to death by hypo

I went to Camp Seale Harris for 12yrs. and over that time i made many 
wonderful life long friends. one of our friends had the tendancy to have a 
seizure at least once a year(at camp) right before she sat down to eat 
dinner. i have seen many seizures and had 4 myself. but hers were odd - she 
did the same thing (turning blue). why does this occur in some people but 
not in others? i have never turned blue or stopped breathing, which i am 
very thankful for. could it be that they are swallowing there tongue- or is 
it just a restriction of air flow? paula

>OK, I had to jump in here.  When Jessica was 3 years
>old and on injections of regular and nph she had a
>severe hypo.  It came on very quickly.  I picked her
>up because she told me she was tired, we were in her
>brothers classroom waiting for them to get back from
>lunch.  She laid her head on my shoulder and then just
>went rigid.  She started having a seizure and
>immediately stopped breathing.  I raced to the nurses
>office with her where she had stopped seizing, but was
>turning blue.  The nurse immediately started CPR while
>the prinicipal called 911.  She lived through that
>one, but would NOT have had she been in bed at night
>alone.  One month later it happend again.  Except this
>time we were at home alone.  She started walking
>toward me crying suddenly, I grabbed her and she
>started seizing.  Again, she stopped breathing and I
>called 911 and just yelled to send an ambulance. My
>house is red flagged and I advise everyone to do this.
>  I set the phone down started CPR and gave a glucagon
>shot.  She also lived through this one, but again, she
>wouldn't have lived if she had been in bed alone.  So
>yes, it is possible to die from a hypo.  I have never
>slept through another night since then.
>Nita in Texas
>Mom of Jessica, 9, dx'd @ 9 months, pumping, and Jarred, 10 and a great 
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