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Re: [IP] Adults suddenly out of control ...

On Fri, 11 May 2001 09:27:52 -0800, Michael said
> Except for growing, everything about T1 adult diabetes is pretty much
> the same as kids with the addition of <snip>

As a long term Type 1 I definitely agree with Michael. For those cases
that "suddenly" go out of control, I suspect that the cause is mostly
a matter of the particular individual being unable to put up with the
mechanics of staying in good control every day, day after day, month
after month, and year after year. I don't think it's any particular
characteristic of the diabetes, except for the multiplicity of
complications, so much as it's a characteristic of the individual's
personality. Some of us are just "luckier" than others.

Tom Beatson
Dx 1942, pump since 1995
Every day's a little bit different
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