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Re: [IP] Something New from MiniMed

At 17:43 5/9/01, you wrote:
>Yesterday when talking with my CDE about my basal adjustments, she asked
>me if I had a copy of the new workbook from MiniMed.  The MM rep had
>given her several copies of "The MiniMed Insulin Pump Workbook" which
>has a 2001 copyright.  MM may be sending these with new pumps or just
>giving them to CDEs and pump trainers to give to new pump users, I

I started on the pump on monday and last week my nurse gave me the work 
book you mentioned.  This seems to be a new standard start up  package they 

I think the tables to test the basal rates are really neat, along with the 
beginning chapters of basic button pushing information.


Some days are just not worth chewing through the restraints to participate 
in. ;-)
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