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Re: [IP] Adults suddenly out of control . . .

> What I've learned in the last six months (since my 10 yo daughter
> was dx'd) about "in control" and "out of control"  blood sugars
> seems mostly to be about kids & teens, growth spurts, puberty,
> rebellion, etc. etc. . . . I've been under the (apparent) illusion
> that type 1 adults who had "figured out" good control would pretty
> much be able to maintain that over the long term.  
> Recently, I've seen several posts like the one quoted above that
> seem to indicate that people can have good control for years and
> then suddenly and inexplicably have problems maintaining good
> control . . . Is this a pretty common experience?  Does anyone have
> any insight they want to share on this?

Except for growing, everything about T1 adult diabetes is pretty much 
the same as kids with the addition of hormone swings due to mensus & 
menopause for ladies. That's not much of a difference if you take out 
the ever changing basal requirements due to growth for kids. This 
probably accounts for the longer periods of stability for adults, but 
things do change for everyone. As we say, YMMV
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