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[IP] RE: CHO Counting Book

We use two CHO counting books.  

First is "The NutriBase Guide to Carbohydrates, Calories, & Fat in Your Food" 
 by Dr. Art Ulene.  It's a THICK paperback and hasn't failed me yet, even 
when looking up somewhat obscure stuff (it even has carb counts for Reindeer 
milk!).  I like that it is a straight alphabetical listing instead of having 
to find a category (Like "fruits and vegetables" or "baked goods") and then 
look up the food -- with this one you just go straight to "S" if you want a 
carb count on strawberries, for example.  I also like that it usually give 
carb counts by serving size (say 1/2 cup) AND by weight (oz.).

When we're on the go we carry "The Doctor's Pocket Calorie, Fat & 
Carbohydrate Counter"  which has most common foods and carb counts for 80 
different fast food & chain restaurants.  It's small in size, so I just leave 
it in my purse.

You can order both of these via the BOOKS link to Amazon.com on the Insulin 
Pumpers site.  The small one can also be ordered through www.calorieking.com.

We've looked at a couple of the other books that focus on restaurants, but so 
far they never seem to have the things listed that we're going to order, so I 
can't really recommend them -- but YMMV since different folks are interested 
in ordering different things . . .

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