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[IP] reply to death by hypo

Hi, i do not have last names of those 2 people who passed, i knew them thru 
an old friend, this happened a few years ago. sorry to alarm any of you, i 
did not mean to do that. i just don't know about the liver theory. i have 
been so low and i wondered how i made it on my own (i was on insuling shots 
nph and reg. nph was the worse for me)
and as i said for those terrible night lows, i feel my husband saved me many 
of times. i did not know who i was, i could not talk, saw strange thing etc..
I know nothing about the death certificates, i was not that close to these 
people to ask about that. i said i knew them personally, but i meant to say 
thru a friend. sorry i do not have more info. but of all the thousands of 
people on the pump, i only heard of this man passing away, and he always had 
problems, big problems with low sugars. and as i said the other person, lynn 
was on shots, i don't even know what kind of insuling she was taking. again i 
am sorry i did not mean to alarm anyone. take care and good luck to all of 
you. i did tell my doctors of this but they did not say much. i am on the 
pump now, been a diabetic for 32 years, and now i run to high all the time, i 
do not like that. my a1c was a 6.3 before pump, put me on pump due to some 
lows. so time will tell, but its the hardest thing i have had to ever do. 
take care all and god bless
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