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Re: [IP] D-Tron Users

>>The adaptor is the part that connects the Set to the Cartridge.

>I'm not clear about this.  Is it the equivilant of the grey or blue
>on the H-Tron?  (The part wiht teh two holes for the red tappet)?

Kind of.  The set attaches to the dtron at a right angle so that the
tubing is parallel to that edge of the pump.  The cartridges have a
rubber seal like an insulin bottle, and the adapter pokes into the seal
and then at a right angle has the leur lock.  There is probably a picture
on disetronic's web site.  I just got my dtron also (yay! only 11 months
of waiting for me!) and haven't switched over yet but have started
exploring the contents of the kit and the tutorial cd-rom.  I have a
couple initial comments/questions:

- - I am power of choice and I didn't get any kind of paper manual or
quickstart guide, just a cd-rom tutorial.  While it is fun to use, and my
6yo loves to "play" it to set the clock and basals :-), I don't plan on
having my computer with me always and would like a small paper guide to
carry around on short trips until I get familiar with the operation of
the pump.  Did other people get a paper manual and power of choice people
got short changed, or is this true for everyone?

- - I haven't tried filling a glass cartridge yet, but my initial
impression is that it will be a pain!  First you fill the plastic one
like on the htron, I assume you don't need to get 100% of the bubbles out
at this point, then you fill the glass cartridge from the plastic
cartridge!  Is this as complicated as it seems?  Does anyone have any
tricks and tips for this new technique which requires two easy-fills at
once!  It is making me consider prefilled!  One these same lines, for the
people who have gotten prefilled cartridges with bubbles, can you just
add extra insulin to them with a syringe maybe to take up the airspace?

Any other dtrons experiences welcome!

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