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In a message dated 5/10/01 8:37:24 PM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Okay, can anyone guess who was just at the
> dentist today? Cleaning only and no work needs to be done (unless you count 
> the root
> canal work the keep advising and I keep ignoring). Anyway, thanks for any 
> idea on this
> - - Donna

I am a dental assistant for an Endodontist**smile**that would be the guy who 
only does Root Canal Treatment.  If your dentist advises a root canal I 
strongly suggest you don't wait so long that the tooth "blows up" on you.  
Once it gets to the point where the infection in and around the tooth is that 
bad, it is oftentimes hard to get the area NUMB.  You definately wouldn't 
want that- with or without the nitrous oxide.  so, please don't put it off 
too long.  The nitrous only "takes the edge off" during the treatment.  
Therefore it doesn't help you with all the anxiety you are dealing with B4 
the appointment, which seems to be the cause of your high bgs.  How about 
asking your dentist to premedicate with Valium about 1 hour prior to the 
appointment.  We often do that for patient with intense dental fobia.  Just a 
suggestion.  Good luck to you. 
PS:  Don't believe any horror stories you hear about root canals!!  They 
really are no worse than a simple filling, except that they are longer 
appointments.  I had three myself.
Sylvelin, mom of Nadine,10 pumping
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