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[IP] Books to update D info

My mother (dx type 1 in 1945, now 59 years old) has agreed to read some
books I send her on Type 1 Diabetes.  She takes 2 shots of NPH with a
sliding scale for Humalog when her BG is high, not to cover carbs.  She
checks BG 4 times a day.  She carb counts, but only to keep her meals the
same.  Her TDD is about 18 units.  She is PostMenapausal.  She has only had
1 appointment with a dietitian to learn how to carb count and thinks she
needs to have only 125g per day.  She has only had 1 appointment with a CDE
which left her frustrated.  She has 55 years experience with D.  She has a
doctor but he doesn't know what to do with her diabetes so he does nothing.
The few appointments with an Endo were frustrating because he talked about
putting her on a pump and she was still counting calories and taking only 1
shot a day at the time.  He put her on the sliding scale until she could get
with the CDE but her insurance no longer pays for her to see those people.
So she doesn't see any.  She has been learning from what I can tell her
about our learning experince on the phone but a 10 year old boy and a 59
year old woman are not the same!!!

What books would you suggest I send to her.  Please email suggestions to me
as well as the list.

Marie Matthews email @ redacted

Mother of David Jr 10 (dx 9/99) MM508 3/13/01 (starting to get the hang of

Daughter of Donna 59 (dx in 1945)
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