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[IP] Re: Death by hypo possible?

I haven't gotten my digest in awhile. It seems my
isp was hoarding them and I suddenly got 15 of them.

This, as many of our threads, was a topic a few
years ago.  I had recalled seeing this subject on
Columbo in the mid '70's.  The victim was not dm.
I, naturally, had an interest as I had been dm for
10 years at that time.  The points were that
autopsies rarely test for low bg's and it appears to
be a heart attack and would be reported that way on
the death certificate.  We can not really know how
many were not diagnosed correctly.  I had thought
that if someone wanted to commit suicide they could
do it this way without being detected.  It is also
true that the bg's do come up because of the bodies
fighting mechanisms for bringing up bg's, even after
the damage was done, except if there are many hypo
episodes, which will use up the store of reserves
and would cause the damage at a higher bg, quicker
and easier.

IIRC this was thought to be the cause of death in a
Law and Order episode also.
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