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Re: [IP] nitrous oxide & dental work

half a year ago when I had 2 wisdom teeth taken out I decided to go for the
nitrous oxide cuz I didn't want to feel anything or be aware of it. the
experience was sort of like being drunk (except I recovered faster with the
nitrous oxide) I felt like I was floating and didn't have a care in the
world. there was definitely a sense of lack of control, but I didn't care.
the one thing about it that bothered me was that I was feeling a little
nauseous in the beginning but it went away before they did the slicing and
dicing. I kept my bg's between 160 and 200 since I didn't want to deal with
a low and 2 gaping holes in my mouth and not allowed to use a straw for 24
hours. I didn't notice any effect on the bg's because of nitrous oxide, but
my guess is that the stress is getting to you and maybe it will help. all I
know for sure is that next time I get the other 2 taken out it won't be
locally and I'll try to do it w/o the gas, it was just too annoying feeling
like I was floating on that chair and no sense of which way was up.  Besides
the fact that it was way too expensive.
hoped this helped,
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