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: [IP] Bayer Elite XL glucometer problems

I use a Glucometer elite xl because thats what my
durable medical equipment sent me. It seemed to work just fine but now I
notice that my blood sugar readings are rediculously low sometimes and I feel
fine. Also I notice that the beep on it seems to get softer and softer. Maybe
it needs new batteries. Ive had it for about 4 months now. Joan

> : Re: [IP] Bayer Elite XL glucometer problems
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i have found this meter to be very accurate but if you use too small a drop of
blood it will start counting and give a low reading, a definate drawback. did
you use the standardized test solution to check your meter?  the batteries can
go bad and not indicate the problem. change them if you think you are having
problems. also most meter problems are strip problems spot
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