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[IP] nitrous oxide & dental work

Quick question -
Has anyone had nitrous oxide for dental work. My dentist thinks it might help because
my bg's are always in the 300's on dentist days no matter how much insulin I throw at
it until the visit is over. I do not crash after, bg's return to normal within a few
hours. Anyway, I'm concerned because the only symptom I can count on for low's is
difficulty thinking. Will nitrous oxide hide this symptom? I'm sure the guy already
thinks I'm weird because I hate the way the chairs recline - I think I'm a control
freak and I can't be in control if I'm almost flat on my back. It's also hard for me to
breathe or swallow back like that too. Okay, can anyone guess who was just at the
dentist today? Cleaning only and no work needs to be done (unless you count the root
canal work the keep advising and I keep ignoring). Anyway, thanks for any idea on this
- - Donna
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