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[IP] Re: carb counting, insulin deficiency wasEndo who doesn't support like pumping

> And in other news, when I mentioned the fact that if I'm high 4 hours
> after a meal, I correct with insulin, she said "wouldn't you be better
> off taking a walk? That would bring your BG down." Yeah, right.

My pump trainer wants me bolusing with Humalog,for adjustments, not exercising She
only said, "it does not work that way.  Of course I use the formula for figuring
carbs (which is more exact with pump) and my starting carb ratio. Also, carb count
divided by 15 on injections.  No insulin in pump yet tho.   Am doing trial run as I
usually have a reaction with tapes and just because...
Anyone else have trouble thinking with no basal insulin in you? Do you, did you get
sleepy or ugly?  Linda K
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