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RE: [IP] death by hypo

Eileen [mailto:email @ redacted] wrote:

> Hi, i don't want to alarm anyone, but i know two people who 
> passed away from 
> low blood sugar. one was on the pump, he did a bolus for a 
> snack, but fell 
> asleep before eating the snack and he died. the other person 
> was on insulin 
> shots, was in good control, she was on the couch her husband 
> went upstairs to 
> bed and came down the next morning and she had passed away. it was an 
> unxplained low? the other guy i guess you could say was 
> somewhat his fault. 

I can't help but wonder two things: 

1. Was this a coincidence?  Without the specifics on the death certificate,
it's difficult to say. Certainly, most of our death certificates will note
our disease on it, possibly as a contributing factor, but in someone
otherwise healthy, it seems unlikely that failure to bolus for a snack sized
meal would cause such a severe hypo (unless this person was used to really
BIG bedtime snacks!).

2. Regarding the death certificate, was the hypo the *cause* of death or a
*contributing* cause?  Did the hypo cause death, or did it set up a chain of
events that allowed another condition to have a more profound effect than it
might otherwise have.

Jim Handsfield
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email @ redacted

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