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[IP] death by hypo

Hi, i don't want to alarm anyone, but i know two people who passed away from 
low blood sugar. one was on the pump, he did a bolus for a snack, but fell 
asleep before eating the snack and he died. the other person was on insulin 
shots, was in good control, she was on the couch her husband went upstairs to 
bed and came down the next morning and she had passed away. it was an 
unxplained low? the other guy i guess you could say was somewhat his fault. 
he always had problems with low blood sugars before the pump and after. i 
just wanted to let you all know. these are the only 2 people i know of that 
this happened to. i have had many lows before the pump and i have been 
pumping since 3/29/01 and have hardly any.
i use to get lows of 17 and 19, and night lows where my husband had to help 
me. but i had also had lows where i guess the liver deal helped me. scary 
stuff. take care everyone sincerely eileen
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