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[IP] Re: MERCK-MEDCO, et al

>>> Why would you use a mail-order for perishables? Do you have other options?

>>On my third visit to the pharmacy for a 30 day supply of insulin, my copay
will be doubled to 30.00.  A 90 day supply will cost 90.00 at the pharmacy
compared to 32.50 mail order.>>

With my insurance, a 30-day supply is $25; a 90-day supply is $50.00. I get 4
vials for 90 days - stick with me here. If I walk in and get one month's worth
I require 2 vials since one lasts me only 3 weeks. You have to buy a whole
loaf of bread to make a couple of sandwiches. Therefore, I get 2 vials at the
30-day price - lasts me 6 weeks. I figure it is costing me $1.50 (one dollar &
50 cents) a year more walking in - even though I have to drive and take the
time - it's worth it to me since I am someone PCS-Rx (now AdvanceRx) left it
in the sun 4 days on my front porch with NO resolve.

If you figure out how much you require in one month perhaps it will work out
this way. They have to supply you with enough for one month. Insurance plans
vary greatly and we're stuck. YIPMV (Your insurance plan may vary) (~_^)

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