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Re: [IP] D-Tron Users

>I'm not clear about this.  Is it the equivilant of the grey or blue adaptor
>on the H-Tron?  (The part wiht teh two holes for the red tappet)?
>If so; why does it haveot be changed so often on the D-Tron?

well its sort of like the cap on the H-Trons..  This adaptor on the D-tron 
is a little different. the D-Tron Cartridge is different in that is just 
like an insulin bottle it has a rubber stopper on it instead of being open 
like the h-tron.  the D-Tron adaptor actually punctures the rubber stopper 
and the attaches to the set I do believe this is designed this way to help 
detect leaks in the connection between set and the cartridge.

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