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Re: [IP] Endo who doesn't support like pumping

email @ redacted wrote:
> I will be seeing my regular doc at Kaiser (snip). I mentioned to her that I was
> planning to go on the pump and she commented that if it was such a good thing
> why were so few people using it?

That's an easy one: because docs aren't recommending it, and insurance
companies are denying it!

> I had several negative experiences trying to
> find a receptive endo at Kaiser. Most of them told me that "people have died
> on the pump." One told me the pump was not appropriate for me (because I
> cried during the appt?) but did not tell me why.

We had an interesting discussion during our pump support meeting last
night -- there was a rep from a meter company who kept saying how
dangerous the pump was for children. Turns out that she was referring to
kids forgetting to bolus! 

Well, it's true that forgetting to bolus is not a desirable thing, but
if the basals are set right, it USUALLY won't send them into immediate
DKA. But this presupposes that parents are monitoring and supervising

Then she referred to the adolescents who rebel against diabetes, and
said that there is a doc in town who TAKES AWAY pumps from such kids.
And I thought of the parents on this list who have handled such
situation so adeptly.

It's certainly true that unless a parent is committed, a child won't be
able to handle the pump alone, but that doesn't make the pump itself
dangerous. If a child is to go on the pump, the PARENTS need to be
carefully assessed as to ability to handle the responsibility, and need
training and support, but it shouldn't be dangerous if the medical
professionals are doing their job!! 

And in other news, when I mentioned the fact that if I'm high 4 hours
after a meal, I correct with insulin, she said "wouldn't you be better
off taking a walk? That would bring your BG down." Yeah, right. More
likely my BG would go UP for starters. Then,  I might have a low
later.   But if you're not a classic childhood-onset Type1, you must be
a classic insulin-resistant Type 2 -- nothing in between, right???  <--
sarcasm mode.

Ah well, if the wolves are set to guard the sheep, who will guard the
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