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Re: [IP] Endo who doesn't support like pumping


unfortuneatly your experience is all too common.  After starting the pump
in secrest form my endo and showing him the results he now supports me but
has the exact same attitude as your endo.

After 27 years of D and 5 years of fighting with various endos to try the
pump I believe the only reasons most endos do not endorce the pump are:

- - they are uninformed
- - they are misinformed
- - they never did (even if they tried with some patients) understand the pump
- - they do not want to dedicate their time and cost to starting a new pumper
- - they dont care about their patients' well-being  (it's just a another job)

It is true that the patient must be highly motivated and have the brains
and time and money for the pump BUT it is #1 standard of care that any
patient must be allowed to try any therapy they wish to try which is
approved by the FDA esp. when other therapies ahve failed to achieve
optimum results.  it has been said before on this list that any endo who
does not commit to this credo is not competent to practice in NA.

AS for your case, Shannon, I sympathise wiht you and feel your endo has
shown no better conduct than a fly-by-nighter.  You are under no obligation
to allow him to cite your case nor use your photos in any way.  BUT put it
in writting!  Change endos if possible and tell your tale to all the pumper
groups you can.

Bad enough to cope with d let alone the onus being on us to "educate" the
medical establishment in modern medicine.

All my best wishes to you for finding a real endo.

Darrin Parker - Nova Scotia, Canada!
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