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Re: [IP] Merrck-Medco mail order never ending diaster - long

At the end of April, I called into Merck Medco for my Pravachol , Vesotec , 
test strips and tried to order my humalog.  I explained that I had to have my 
insulin shipped ups next day delivery which I would be glad to pay the 9.00 
fee for.  I then could check each day to see when it was sent out and be sure 
to be home to rec it.  They took my order but told me that I was not due for 
my insulin order until May 5th but even though I was calling early for it, 
the computer would pick up my request on May 5th and process my insulin order 
then.  I explained for it seemed the 100th time that I expect it delivered 
asap once it is shipped from them.  Yes, yes, yes they told me.  

I tracked my order via Merck Medco online service.  This AM I saw that it was 
shipped via ups 2nd day air.  I was furious.  I called Merck Medco and after 
much to do, it was explained to me that had I been able to actually order the 
insulin when I called, my request for next day del would have gone through.  
Since it had to be delayed a few days, the computer simply picked up my 
request and mailed it as they usually do.  They told me if I am in this 
situation again I should just call back at the set date and not leave it up 
to the computer to pick up my request.  How should I have known about this?  
Sure I will just keep calling and checking  online and calling and checking 
on line.  I told them that if it arrives on the second day, I will throw it 
in the trash and they WILL send a replacement free of charge.

I explained that many people were dissatisfied with how insulin is handled 
and they put me through to a pharmathist.  I mentioned that Merck Medco is 
shipping insulin and leaving it in mailboxes in over 100 degree temps, 
sometimes it sit for days.  He told me it was being handled according to mfg 
guidelines and that the insulin would be just fine to use.  I told him he was 
a disgrace to his profession 

I then called Lilly and spoke to a pharmathist (Amy) and she explained that 
when Lilly sends out insulin they either send it on refrigerated trucks and 
deliver it in 24 to 36 hours or they ups it next day delivery and it must be 
signed for within 24 hours or it is returned and discarded. Ofcourse she 
could not put any of this in writing.  She very carefully admitted that ups 2 
day delivery would probably not meet Lilly guidelines and asked for the 
location from which my orders come from and offered to have a higher up dept. 
review with Merck Medco  their shipping procedures.  Ofcourse she can't cc me 
on any of this so who knows if anything really happens                        

I did receive my insulin at 11:30am.  It was in a white plastic bag lined 
with white foam and no ice pack.  It was room temp ro warm.  It was in the 
med  70s today.  If I had not been home he would have left it on the stoop.  
It was in the 90s here last week but because it is not the summer officially, 
no need for ince pack.

It is my understanding that next day delivery means the next morning, ups 
next day delivery means delivery any time up to 7pm, ups 2 day air means that 
they have 2 days to deliver it.  I have received it on the first day luckely.

I am sorry this is such a long vent but we have to work as a team or we will 
never be noticed.  

email @ redacted
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