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Re: [IP] venting- pump start

Good luck!! Murphy's Law!!  I hope all works out.  Jeanine mom to Abigail dx 
6-23-00 and Christopher twins.  Abby will be pumping soon.

>From: "emily's mom" <email @ redacted>
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>Subject: [IP] venting- pump start
>Date: Tue, 8 May 2001 23:01:03 -0400
>We started our 5 year old daughter on her minimed 508 yesterday.  :-).  I 
>so excited, until our child decided to get sick today.  I really did expect
>the first few weeks to be rough, but get sick on the day of the pump start 
>:-{ The worst part is we have no idea what her basals or corrections should 
>set at yet.  I feel like I'm losing my mind.  Right now she has a sugar of 
>and a fever of 102.  I'm not sure if the high sugar is from the illness or 
>pump site so if the sugar doesn't come down within the next 45 minutes, I 
>be doing a site change.  I think my CDE probably regrets giving me her home
>phone number now.  That poor woman, she really is wonderful.  Right now I'm
>still working off the 3 hours of sleep I managed to get between sugar 
>last night, and about 5 giant cups of coffee.  I know this will get better
>soon but.....
>Preparing myself for another sleepless night.
>Mom to Emily age 5 dx 10-00, Pumping 05-07-01
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