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Re: [IP] Endo who doesn't support like pumping

In a message dated 5/9/2001 1:25:29 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< My sister said I should write a letter to him and tell him I don't want my

photos used to discourage people from using the pump.  She also said that it

is illegal to use such photos without a written consent (which I didn't do).


This story reminds me of when I went to a modeling job interview many years 
ago. It was also a humiliating experience for similar reasons. I did not take 
the job. 

What this doctor did was an invasion of your privacy at the least. I would 
also recommend reporting him to the State medical board. 

I will be seeing my regular doc at Kaiser next week, not an endo, but she has 
been my diabetes doc for several years (there is an endo who I have seen 
once). Last time I saw her was before the pump. I mentioned to her that I was 
planning to go on the pump and she commented that if it was such a good thing 
why were so few people using it? I had several negative experiences trying to 
find a receptive endo at Kaiser. Most of them told me that "people have died 
on the pump." One told me the pump was not appropriate for me (because I 
cried during the appt?) but did not tell me why. I kept crying for a while 
after the appt I was so discouraged. It took me several years to get on the 
pump through Kaiser.

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