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[IP] Something New from MiniMed

Yesterday when talking with my CDE about my basal adjustments, she asked
me if I had a copy of the new workbook from MiniMed.  The MM rep had
given her several copies of "The MiniMed Insulin Pump Workbook" which
has a 2001 copyright.  MM may be sending these with new pumps or just
giving them to CDEs and pump trainers to give to new pump users, I
really don't know.  I picked it up today and have been reading through
the workbook.  It seems to be a great tool.  It covers setting up and
testing the basal, meal bolus and correction bolus with several pages of
step by step worksheets for each.  It also has step by step worksheets
for Sof-Set and Silhouette set/reservoir changes.  There is also a pad
of Daily Journal sheets that are perfect for faxing and copying.  The
other features of this workbook are just too numerous to mention here.

I'm sure this workbook is mostly helpful for people who are new at
pumping, but the worksheets could be handy for the well experienced
pumper who needs to do some basal fine tuning.  Check with your CDE or
MM rep for a copy.

Connie & Dot....pumping 1 month/6 days and it just keeps getting better
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