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[IP] Endo who doesn't support like pumping

Hi Gang,
I had a depressing visit with a new Endo yesterday.  My insurance no longer
covers the Endo I had so I had to seek someone new.  So anyways I get to the
office and discover he has no other patients that are on the pump!  He goes
on to tell me that he isn't a "pump kind of a guy" (whatever that means).
Then he tells me a story about a lady who went on the pump and became a lot
worse because of it.  He also went on to say that the average patient just
wasn't smart enough to use a pump (????).  I told him that I loved my pump
and it had changed my life dramatically that I felt "normal" for the first
time since I got DM.  He didn't seem to want to hear anything positive about
insulin pumps.  Then, he wanted me in his office to take photos of my site
and the pump.  Well, it caught me off guard and I agreed to have the photos
taken.  Unfortunately I was wearing a dress and my pump sight was in my bumm
yesterday (!) and I had to lift my dress and pull down my exercise shorts
for the photo.  If that wasn't humiliating enough, he then explained that he
wanted to use these pictures to show patients what the pump was REALLY like.
In otherwords, he wanted to use me as an example of why you wouldn't want
the pump.  I cried when I got back in the car to go home.  I felt humiliated
but I was really sad for all his patients who are being discouraged from
using something that could really help them out!

My sister said I should write a letter to him and tell him I don't want my
photos used to discourage people from using the pump.  She also said that it
is illegal to use such photos without a written consent (which I didn't do).

Anyway, thanks for listening.
kindest regards,
email @ redacted
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