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Re: [IP] Silhouette vs. sofsets??

<Is there an inserter device to use with the silhouettes?  I would love to
<one but don't know how to insert it.  I know the sofserter I use now with
<sofsets can't be used for the silhouettes, but I have always had trouble
<inserting manually.  The darned thing just won't go in and it's very
<painful.  Any ideas?

Julie, there is no inserter for Silhouettes, though I heard from a MiniMed
rep that they are working hard to develop one.  I have been using Sils for a
year and a half and much prefer them to Sof-sets or Quick-sets.  Insertion
is probably the toughest part about Sils.  But it really isn't that hard to
do, just requires a little technique.  I pinch some skin and insert at about
a 15% angle to the skin surface and it slides right in.  Rarely is it
painful for me, but of course, everyone is different.  Good luck with them!

San Francisco Bay Area
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