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Re: [IP] Re: Merck-Medco


Please label the insulin boxes that you returned as being exposed to heat - 
because as with any retail or distributer they will be sending it out to 
another person and since the supervisor Kathryn Wong stated they are getting 
alot of calls that is why they are supposedly reviewing their shipping of 
insulin procedures to next day delivery but instead of first class mail and 
still without ice that is why I insisted the replacement for next day 
because they sent mine out again through first class mail with no ice since 
Monday and most likely we won't receive it til tommorrow.  Thats why I will 
be seeing my doctor and getting a new RX and will be filling it in my local 


> >And this is more convient than going to your local pharmacy once a month?
>Some of us don't have a choice.  Our pharmacy benefit only allows us to
>receive up to a 90 day supply of any medication at the local pharmacy.  Any
>prescription that is taken longer than 90 days is considered a maintenance
>medication, and I have to order it through Merck-Medco, otherwise I would 
>it at my local pharmacy.
>I did speak to the  people at Merck the other day and they are going to 
>me some more Humalog to replace what sat in my mailbox in the heat for 3 
>We will see if it comes ice packed.  That was Monday and I have yet to 
>Rebecca mom to Emily( pumping MM508 05-07-01)
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