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[IP] venting- Pump start


Hang in there!  Boy, can I relate to your situation.

My son, Zachary, started on the pump in April.  He is two years old.  And
within first three weeks from the start date he had croup twice, a bad head
cold, a sinus infection, a bronchial infection, and a 107 degree fever!
Even with all of that happening (and all of the meds), taking care of him
when he was sick was easier using the pump than using injections.  We kept
upping his basal rates for hours at a time . . . pricking those poor little
fingers over and over again, but were able to PREDICTABLY respond to high
blood sugars and bring him closer to range.  It is incredible to be able
safely give him more insulin in the middle of the night!  I can't remember
who wrote to me and suggested that I prepare for not getting sleep for the
first few weeks of the pump start, but I really appreciated their advice.
May I suggest you look into a Precision Xtra, if you don't already have one?
While ours is not covered by insurance, it is worth the money.  It tests
blood ketones, so you know if there are any ketones at that very  moment.
It made dealing with Zach's uncharacteristic illnesses much easier.

CDE's can be Angels on Earth, and I think we should let them know how much
we appreciate their dedication to keeping children and adults healthy!

Please let us know how Emily and you are doing.
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