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Re: [IP] Reps/trainers advising insulin doses

> I have read this from many pumpers on this list that the
> reps/trainers are not allowed to recommend dosages - that's for the
> doctor and/or CDE with a medical degree to do. List members are also
> cautioned to not give medical advice - but we can share our
> experiences, etc. I've noticed lately some of us are
> tweaking/advising others on their insulin dosages and I think we
> should be very careful doing that. A little bit of knowledge can be
> a dangerous thing. We don't know all the medical history of our
> members. Am I out of line, Michael?

No, you're not out of line but right on the mark. There have been 
mail lists shut down for giving medical advise on line.

List members should remember to only write what you know to be a fact 
from your own experience. Otherwise, make sure you qualify your 
statement with "I heard this from xxxxx" or something like that. Tell 
what works for you, how, and why. Don't tell others to do "thus and 
such". Suggestions are fine with the proviso that they should "check 
with their medical team".

The purpose of the list is to share knowledge, not give advice. There 
is a fine line between the two that must not be crossed. If the 
medical professionals on the list wish to give specific advice that 
is one thing, they are licensed and know (or should know) what 
limitations to place on the advice given. Lay people should not give 
medical advice.

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