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[IP] Rapids??'s

I have been using the Rapids, PR 10/80 every so often.  It seems like when I 
place them in my back side, I can feel them picking almost all the time.  
However, when I use them in the sides of my breasts, they are fine.  I am 
wondering if the length or the needle should be longer so as to go deeper, 
past the nerve endings.  Does that make any sense?  I am getting ready to 
reorder.  Have tried several times to use the tenders on my thighs but I am 
forever yanking they out with my jeans.  Any suggestions.  I have been having 
problems with absorption and need to use other areas more often.  Oh, almost 
forgot, I am not one of you lucky thin women, but am 5'7 185. I know, I know, 
too fat..........
I'm working on it.  Have a terrific day!
Thanks a bunch.   JP
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