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RE: [IP] Do stubborn highs mean anything?

Thanks so much to everyone for your replies! I got some really good
suggestions on things to check, including how soon he is going to bed after
eating and looking for a correlation with the types of food. Another reply
said their correction ratio increased when they are high - thanks for
mentioning that! After last night, I am pretty sure that is at least part of
what is going on. I used a larger correction ratio for his first correction
last night and he did go back into range without going low. Now if I can
just figure out what is sending him high! 

Michael emphasized to listen to my doctor and keep things consistent enough
for a few days to spot a pattern. I think that is good advice - but it is so
hard not to try to fix things immediately! Guess I will learn more patience

I really appreciate this list - we never could have made it without all of
the great ideas we've gotten here! The support from this group is
incredible. It is so nice knowing we're not alone in all of this :)

Mom to Celia (7 and non-diabetic)
and Ryan (4, dx'd 2/19/00 and pumping since 8/17/00)
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