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[IP] Reps/trainers advising insulin doses

>>> Also, my trainer refused to say anything at all about the actual insulin
doses.  She said she wasn't qualified.  Is yours a CDE or something?  If not,
I'd be very leery about it.  She could be setting
herself and MM up for a big time lawsuit if she's practicing medicine without
a license. >>>

I have read this from many pumpers on this list that the reps/trainers are not
allowed to recommend dosages - that's for the doctor and/or CDE with a medical
degree to do. List members are also cautioned to not give medical advice - but
we can share our experiences, etc. I've noticed lately some of us are
tweaking/advising others on their insulin dosages and I think we should be
very careful doing that. A little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing.
We don't know all the medical history of our members. Am I out of line,

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