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[IP] Re: different bolus rates

I sent this message once and it came back, so I am sending it again. I hope 
it doesn't appear twice. 

In a message dated 5/8/01 at 11:22, SARAH writes:

>> asked her about using a different insulin:CHO ratio at different times
>> the day, b/c that is what I use now. I know I have heard other pumpers
>> mention that they too follow this regime even now on the pump. She said
>> that if you are using difernt rates at didderent times of the day that
>> your basal rates arent correct.... any opinions??

The day I started pumping with insulin, the trainer did a mathmatical 
calculation based on the records I had been keeping. My total daily dose was 
between 25 and 30 units a day, prior to the pump. 

We estimated that a starting basal amount should be 0.5 units of 
Humalog/hour. I was to test my bg every 2 hours for the next 2 days and 
nights, and phone my CDE with the results at the time. Several different 
basals were the results. 

A healthy pancreas "pumps" different amounts of insulin at different times of 
the day, based on your metabolism and external factors, like work, exercise, 
stress, sleep, etc.

I use a totally different basal pattern on the days I work, than I do on 
weekends, vacations and holidays. My "WVH" is still pretty close to the 0.5 
U/hr during the day, with a calculation for DP at night, and 0.6 in the am.

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